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What is heroin?

Heroin is a semi-synthetic opioid: it is made from morphine that has been chemically processed. It enters the brain quickly and produces a more immediate effect.The opioid family of drugs includes natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic opioids. Opiates, such as morphine and codeine, are natural opioids found in the opium poppy. Synthetic opioids, such as methadone, are chemically made.

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Heroin, a powerful opioid similar to morphine, has a long history in the U.S., and is currently a Schedule I drug on the nation’s list of controlled substances.

This means that it is completely illegal, and there are no medical uses for it. Because of these factors, there is a very long list of slang terms for heroin and plenty of colloquial language around its use and the culture surrounding it. The terms also vary according to country, but this article will focus on the US-based slang. The culture around heroin and the manufacturing and distribution of this substance are also constantly evolving both naturally and due to necessity and new terms are created in order to avoid detection by police officers.

Common general slang terms for heroin itself include:

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